The Centennial Plan: Making JWU Better for You

Every JWU strategic plan begins with the question, “How can the university better serve students?”

The previous plan, FOCUS 2011, focused on increased affordability and academic selectivity. 2017: the Centennial Plan aims to further strengthen JWU’s foundation by focusing on these key elements:

Students Group 230x160Reducing Student Debt
Increasing annual institutional aid from $134 million in 2011 to a projected $190 million by 2017 is part of JWU’s commitment to ensuring that financial costs don’t get in the way of your education.

We’re also developing a financial literacy program to help you and your family make better-informed financial decisions.

Improving the Academic Experience
JWU’s academic programs undergo constant assessment to stay industry-relevant. Changes in the planning stages include:

  • Redesigned Arts & Sciences curriculum that’s more strongly interdisciplinary
  • Bachelor’s degree in Culinary Science
  • New graduate programs, including masters in Culinary Nutrition

Investing in Faculty
Our faculty members bring a wealth of expertise into the classroom — whether from industry, academia or both. 2017 includes increased support for faculty development and scholarship — helping them realize their full potential so you can realize yours.

Improving Facilities

JWU is investing $300 million to build, renovate and expand facilities at our 4 campuses, including:

  • New 700-space parking garage and multipurpose sports field at Harborside (Providence)
  • New student services center (North Miami)

Enriching Student Engagement
The university is also looking at ways to provide greater breadth and depth of student life offerings, including improved services for commuter, international, non-traditional and graduate students.

Learn how 2017 invests in JWU’s foundation, faculty and the student experience.

Get in touch: we welcome your questions and feedback about the new plan.

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