Gender Equity Center

The Gender Equity Center’s primary goal is to increase awareness of gender issues and foster an environment of gender equality through programming and outreach.

Although the Center is located at JWU’s Providence Campus, it serves as a resource for students, faculty, staff and parents across all four campuses.

Guiding Principles

  • To provide a welcoming space that promotes a supportive and open-minded environment for the university community
  • To promote a feminist viewpoint, strive to achieve gender parity and celebrate individual markers of identity
  • To make resources related to women’s history and health, gender-based violence, sexual orientation and identity, and relevant activist organizations available to the university community 
  • To offer support and referral services for survivors of sexual and relationship violence and acts of bias based on sexual orientation
  • To coordinate learning opportunities that enrich the academic experience and help develop critical thinking
  • To advocate for institutional consideration of programs, practices and/or policies to improve gender and sexual orientation equality

Resources We Offer
The Gender Equity Center director and student staff are available to talk to students seeking support and assistance for a range of personal issues.

Counseling services are also available on campus, including consultations, assistance with referrals and educational support groups.

Contact Us
Korina Anja Ramsland, director: 401-598-2248
Main: 401-598-1138
Student Assistants: 401-598-2133
Fax: 401-598-2016

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