For day school students, parking permits can be purchased on a yearly or term basis.

For resident students, the fee is $100 for the year or $40 per term. Parking permits for commuting students cost $65 for the year or $25 per term. Parking permits are nonrefundable and  nontransferable. Owners of vehicles with a permit who change vehicles must register the new vehicle with Campus Safety & Security and receive a new permit.

Campus Safety and Security issues free, temporary parking permits to students and guests for up to five days of use (after five days, a university permit must be purchased). Temporary permits are valid only in designated parking areas and must be returned to Safety & Security upon expiration.

It is the responsibility of the person applying for the permit to have and maintain:

  1. valid driver’s license
  2. valid vehicle registration
  3. valid proof of insurance

Parking permits are non-refundable and are only transferable to an alternate vehicle of the original owner with the prior approval of Safety & Security.