Prospective Students

All freshman students are required to live in university housing unless the student meets one or more of the following criteria: the student is married; is a parent; is at least 21 years of age; is living at home with a relative, parent, or guardian and commuting within a 50-mile radius of campus; is a transfer student; an international student; or is not eligible to live on campus.

Students who have been convicted of certain felonies (or have had certain felony-type charges sustained in a juvenile proceeding), such as crimes of violence, serious drug offenses and sex offenses, are not eligible to live in university housing.

Students must maintain full-time day student status in order to remain in university housing. Housing is not guaranteed to returning students.


In order to be eligible to apply for housing, first-year day school undergraduates students first must submit a reservation fee of $300. Once the fee has been processed, you can access the online housing application.

The online application contains important questions about preferences related to meal plan, personal living habits and preferences, roommate options, and special interest housing communities. Once you complete the online application within the given time period, you’ll be eligible to enter the lottery process in order to select a room during spring term.

View housing rates.

Review the Residential FAQ.

View information on Special Interest Housing.

Learn more about reasonable housing accommodations for special needs/disabled students.

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