Roommate Contract

During the housing selection process, you will be matched with a roommate based on the answers you gave on the online Roommate Questionnaire. While we try to bring together students with similar interests and living habits, we also ask that you be open to, and respectful of, difference. We hope that having a roommate will provide you with an opportunity to get to know someone with whom you can share interests and experiences.

You and your roommate(s) may become best friends, or you may choose not to hang out together. Whichever way it works out for you, you will learn to respect someone else's space and to be able to articulate your wants and needs.

Most roommate problems derive from:

  • Lack of open communication
  • An individual's inability to respect and tolerate differences between people
  • Not anticipating problems and preventing them ahead of time
  • Not dealing effectively with problems as they occur

Not Home Alone: A Guide to Living with a Roommate is a great resource in helping to establish your boundaries and lines of communication with your roommate. Please take the time to read this guide and complete a Roommate Contract to ensure that you have a successful living experience.