Director’s Message

As the director of Residential Life, it is my distinct pleasure to welcome you to on-campus housing. Whether this is your first year on campus or if you are a returning resident, we are pleased to have you stay with us!

Living on campus can be a wonderful experience. I have three suggestions to help you make the most of your time in your new home away from home.

First, be informed. The best way to ensure your success as an on-campus resident is to familiarize yourself with our Connections guides for traditional and apartment-style housing (770K PDFs) . In them you will find rules and regulations pertaining to your new community, as well as other valuable information to help ease your transition into residence hall life.

Second, meet your hall staff when you arrive. The resident director or community manager is responsible for the overall management of your building. They supervise all of the student staff members in your building. Resident assistants, community assistants (Harborside Village only) and front desk managers ensure that your stay is both enjoyable and educational.

And finally, meet the other residents in your community.

As one of the most diverse living environments you will encounter, your new home offers many opportunities for personal growth. Your community will be a wonderful place to interact with people of different races, cultures, sexual orientations and philosophies. You'll get to know individuals from a myriad of cultures and backgrounds, all pursuing the same goal: education.

Respecting these differences and the individuals who identify with them are life lessons that will carry you far beyond the campus walls.

I hope you will get involved in your hall community. Work with us to create an environment that will help you to develop academically, personally, culturally and socially.

Dameian V.K. Slocum '00, '03 MBA
Residential Life