Computer Labs

JWU’s Providence Campus has over 500 computers in our Academic Center labs, Harborside labs and Xavier labs, with software targeted to your career field.

You need a JWU email account and JWU ID card to use our labs.

Logging In
Your computer username and password are the same as your JWU email (if your email is, then your username is abc123).

Password & Username
If the computer will not accept your username/password, make sure "Num Lock" is on and "Caps Lock" is off. Then retype your username and password. If it still does not work, get your password reset.

To get your username or reset your password, show your school ID to a lab assistant at any campus computer lab.

Your Data Storage
Your network Z: drive also has up to 50 MB of disk space for your personal documents. The home drives show up as Z: when you log into the network on a computer lab machine. (Double click “My Computer” on the desktop).

  • This drive is only accessible in the computer labs. You cannot access it from ResNet or the web
  • After graduation, you can access data for 90 days with an active account
  • If you transfer to another JWU campus or leave the university, the home directory is removed
  • Illegal or illegally obtained/copyrighted material cannot be stored on the Z: drive. Only store "working copies" (nothing archival or static) there
  • To see if you can recover data, contact the Help Desk.

You can print your work at any of our lab print stations.

Logon and type into the Internet Explorer address bar to get to jwuLink from a lab computer.

Lost and Found
If you left something in the computer lab, ask someone at the front desk and describe the item in detail. If it is not there, check with Safety & Security. JWU is not responsible for anything left in the computer labs.

Additional Computer Issues
In each lab, Academic Computing Services staff members are available to answer your questions.

Saving Files If you did not bring USB flash drive or disk, save your work to your Documents folder and e-mail the file to yourself as an attachment. You can also save to your Z drive.

Find Files Can’t find your files on your media? Make sure you did not save the document to your Documents folder instead of your external drive by mistake. And make sure you wait for the drive light to shut off, and close your document before you remove the media.

Frozen/Broken Computer If your computer freezes or seems broken, ask someone at the front desk to assist you in correcting the problem.

PDFs To save a PDF document from the public folder, do the following:
1. Locate the file in the public folder.
2. Right click on the file name and select "Save Target As."
3. Select the desktop and then click "Save."
4. Minimize to the desktop and then double click on the file name.