Campus Safety & Security

Charlotte Safety Security Staff 255x182

Campus Safety & Security is here 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to promote the safety and well being of JWU students, faculty, staff and property. We also handle vehicle registration, and offer many services and programs for students.

Cedar Hall South, Suite 113
Fax: 980-598-1802

Current Crime Alerts

There are no current alerts.

Fire Log & Safety Report

Campus Safety & Security maintains a daily crime and fire log listing the nature, date, time and general location of each reported crime and fire and the disposition of complaints, if known.

2014 Annual Security Report and Annual Fire Safety Report (1M PDF)

Missing Resident Students
If you live in a JWU residence hall, you can register a confidential contact for a missing student report. Campus Safety & Security will notify this person, along with your emergency contacts, if you are missing. JWU personnel will not tell anyone, including your parents, friends or family, who your confidential contact is.