A&S Honors Program

The Honors Program at the Denver Campus, School of Arts & Sciences, offers you the opportunity to go beyond the curriculum offered in specific classes. This can take the form of a more thorough academic challenge to expand your academic knowledge within a given subject. Professors work with you to help produce original projects and research papers that not only enrich your academic experience but also can contribute to your professional development. Honors sections are available each term in the various disciplines.

The Denver Campus is also seeking to provide you with publishing opportunities that will add additional academic and professional qualifications to your resume. It is the continuing goal of the Honors Program to help you achieve your full academic and professional potential and goals.

Honors Advisory Seminar This course is designed to prepare you to conduct the necessary research to meet the scholarly paper requirements and graduate as a University Honors Scholar. You are introduced to the process of refining a topic and conducting a preliminary literature research. Primary and secondary sources and research methods are then discussed as well as a review of the two most utilized forms of documentation (MLA and APA) used by scholarly journals. Emphasis is then placed on writing a paper based on original research. You are encouraged to submit completed work to an appropriate journal or university publication.

Honors Options If you qualify, you may also elect to complete an honors option in non-Honors sections of most courses in the A&S disciplines.