Individualized Testing Policy
Students with disabilities who receive testing accommodations are responsible for informing instructors each time they plan on utilizing these accommodations (as verified by the disabilities advisor) by:

  • Going to the Center for Academic Support as soon as a test is announced to fill out an “Individual Test Request Form”
  • Giving this completed form to the instructor at least two days prior to the test
  • Going to the Center for Academic Support at the prearranged date and time

Note-taking Assistance Procedure
Students whose documentation warrants note-taking assistance must sign the accommodation agreement at the beginning of each term and meet with their advisor to determine how notes will be obtained.

  • The instructor or advisor may identify a suitable peer note-taker, and it is the student’s responsibility to make arrangements with the advisor
  • The instructor may provide the student with a copy of his/her notes, which are for the student’s private study only
  • The Center for Academic Support will provide a copy of the notes if the instructor does not
  • The instructor may advise the student to use the copy of his/her notes in the Center for Academic Support

Alternate Format Procedure
Students who require alternate access to printed material may receive textbooks in alternate format (as determined by the disabilities advisor). Please contact your advisor for more information.

Service Animal Procedure
The Center for Academic Support will determine the appropriateness of a service animal based on whether a student has a disability and the role of the service animal. To request the presence of a service animal, the student must meet with a Disability Advisor.

Classroom Relocation Policy
Students with limited mobility and/or physical challenges are assisted by having their classrooms moved to an accessible location. Students needing such an accommodation should participate in the priority scheduling process so that accessible classrooms can be arranged.

It is the student’s responsibility to:

  • Provide documentation to verify his/her disability and validate his/her request for relocation of classrooms with the Center for Academic Support
  • Participate in priority scheduling
  • Review the class schedule to determine which classes need to be relocated with his/her advisor
  • Immediately inform the advisor of any changes in class schedule or problems with classroom accessibility

Technical Standards
Because some programs of study at the university have technical standards and requirements, applicants and students with special needs or physical disabilities should contact the Director of the Center for Academic Support at 980-598-1510 to discuss the availability of reasonable accommodations where appropriate, that do not compromise the integrity of the program.

Copies of the technical standards applicable to various programs are published in the catalog.

If you have any problems accessing our campus facilities or programs please contact our Center for Academic Support at 980-598-1500 or Campus Safety & Security at 980-598-1900.