Arts & Sciences

In our Arts & Sciences core, build the skills to capitalize on your career-focused education here at Johnson & Wales University:

  • Critical thinking and analytical skills to process information carefully
  • Written and oral communication skills to share ideas effectively
  • Problem solving and creative thinking skills to propose solutions
  • Leadership skills to collaborate and manage diplomatically and ethically

You’ll take one third of your JWU credits in Arts & Sciences, exploring history, science, math, literature, the arts, language, psychology, sociology and political science in-depth.

At the same time, you’ll integrate this foundation with courses in your major — strengthening the skills and knowledge to stand out as a leader in your career field.

Become well rounded and informed, with a richer understanding of the world. Add value to your degree through:

  • Cultural events with artists, musicians, authors and scientists
  • Study abroad programs in England
  • Minors & Concentrations: Study what interests you in depth

Explore our Arts & Sciences programs at our Providence, North Miami, Denver and Charlotte campuses.

At our Providence Campus, you can choose a from three new Bachelor of Science degree programs:

Communication Studies To excel in our globally-connected, information-driven world, you need media expertise. Gain an in-depth, comprehensive understanding of media with our new Communication Studies program.

Counseling Psychology Gain clinical work experience few undergrads get, and enter the counseling field or move on to specific graduate school programs. Train to counsel people with mental health, addiction, substance abuse, education, career and personal issues in our Counseling Psychology program.

Liberal Studies Every profession needs agile thinkers with the critical, analytical and practical skills to examine issues from multiple perspectives and solve problems effectively. Build them in our Liberal Studies program.

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