Student Wins Almost Famous Chef Competition

JWU student Rocky Jokbengboon wins the San Pellegrino® Almost Famous Chef® Competition southeast regionals — now he’s heading to Napa to win the grand prize.

Watch his 3 Almost Famous Chef competition videos:

Signature Sea Bass Wows Judges
“Standing in front of the judges made me feel a type of nervous that I’ve never felt before,” says Rocky.

Rocky pulled through. In this video, he talks about what it’s like to compete, and takes you through his signature dish: Roasted sea bass, Thai chili aioli croquette, vegetable medley and saffron butter sauce.

Why This JWU Student Might Just Win
“I think hands down he could take this competition,” says chef-mentor Ford Fry of the Optimist, Atlanta.

“I think Rocky won today because of his simplicity, his technique, his exactness on his vegetables.”

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