Physician Assistant Studies Curriculum

The Physician Assistant Studies program at JWU is a 24-month, 104-credit, full-time course of study.

Didactic Year
During the first 12 months of the program, you will follow a curriculum of preclinical studies in preparation for 12 months of clinical experiences.

The summer semester provides a foundation upon which the following fall and spring body system modules are constructed.

Fall and spring courses in clinical medicine, diagnostic skills and pharmacotherapeutics are integrated and presented in a modular format. You will work sequentially through each body system module, one at a time, learning the physiology, pathophysiology, evidence-based medicine, diagnostic skills and treatment specific to that system.

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Clinical Year
Your second year consists of clinical studies, beginning with a 3-week Introduction to Clinical Practice.

You will complete 9 clinical rotations, including 7 required rotations in outpatient primary care medicine, inpatient internal medicine, pediatrics, women’s health, behavioral and mental health, emergency medicine and general surgery. The remaining two rotations are electives that allow you to further develop skills in the area in which you plan to practice.

Schedule and Course Descriptions
Course Listing

About the PA Academic Calendar
Be advised that the PA program academic calendar (200K PDF) does not align with the Providence Campus’ published academic calendar.

Term start and end dates, as well as those of holidays, makeup classes and/or exam schedules, may differ. Be sure to consult with the program director prior to scheduling non-program activities.