Preparing to study abroad takes time, planning, and creativity. Use the provided checklist (17K PDF) to keep organized and on track. Refer to it often so there is ample time to submit required documents to the Study Abroad Office as well as gather all necessary materials before stepping onto the plane. Be aware of how to travel safe. Be creative when planning for independent travel after the program.

There is so much to do and see. But before you pack your bags, take time to think about what it means to cross cultures and see the world from a different cultural frame of reference. Know your destination so that you understand what you are seeing. Whether this is your first time on a plane or you consider yourself a global nomad, preparation sets the stage for your adventure.

All study abroad participants will be expected to attend a mandatory orientation session. Meeting dates and times are written on program Fact Sheets as well as in applicant acceptance letters. Program Faculty Advisors will also schedule a series of pre-departure meetings and assignments in the months leading up to the program departure.