Post an Internship

For Employers: Internships

Working with a student intern from Johnson & Wales University is a great way to develop your future talent pool.

Did you know that more than 50% of our students get job offers from their internship sites when they graduate? Start what could be a rewarding long term partnership with JWU.

Almost a quarter of our students universitywide do internships each year. What do they get? Academic credit, on-the-job expertise and a better understanding of their career field.

What do you get? Highly motivated student professionals for your project, seasonal and temporary positions — and the chance to groom a potential employee who has the exact skills and training you want.

Create a Quality Internship
A quality internship provides our students with first-hand exposure to the practical aspects of your company’s operation.

It benefits both you, and our students, if your internship includes:

  • Clear description of duties (so applicants understand your expectations)
  • Productive and relevant duties
  • Appropriate orientation and training
  • Access to professionals for guidance/mentoring
  • Ongoing, open communication with our team of career experts

For more details download the Internship Handbook (316K PDF).
Employer Guide to Structuring a Successful Internship Program 

When to Host an Internship
Our three-month internships run during all four academic terms: Summer (Jun-Aug), Fall (Sep-Nov), Winter (Dec-Feb) and Spring (Mar-May).

Post an internship 3-6 months in advance, so our career experts can ensure that you get the right candidates.

Many companies hire their JWU interns when they graduate. To start what could be a rewarding long term partnership, post an internship.

Questions? We’ll talk you through the process. Contact our office.