You know what you want to do. At JWU, learn how to make that career happen.

Prove Yourself, Ahead of Schedule
In your first term, take classes in your major, get the insight you need to evaluate your career early — and seize the opportunities to set yourself apart in your field before you graduate.

Meanwhile, you’ll work with our academic and career advisors to lay out an integrated academic and work experience plan. Then, you make it happen:

1. Get Industry Expertise
Our faculty offer the best of both worlds, by integrating theory with relevant practice — and by staying in touch with what’s happening, who’s leading and where your field is going.

2. Apply those Skills in the Field
You won’t just read about your career: dive right in and build hands-on experience in our industry-grade labs and through work experience opportunities in Providence.

3. Think Globally
Gain a global understanding of your field, from on-campus labs and real-world projects, to structured internships with companies all over the globe and study abroad in 11 countries.

4. Boost your Professional Skill Set
Take core Arts & Sciences courses tied to your career field, helping you build the skills to communicate and think critically, creatively and analytically.

5. Step Up, Stand Out as a Leader
Go even further and seize leadership and community service opportunities to develop teamwork skills, compete professionally and impact your community. Are you up to the challenge?

Ready to be the best you can be in your career field? Prove you have what it takes at our Charlotte campus.

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