FOCUS 2011

Strengthening Our University
Through our strategic plan, FOCUS 2011, we will strengthen Johnson & Wales University to ensure that we attract and retain highly motivated and demonstrably capable students. We will prepare them for professional success through academically rigorous, industry relevant and experientially-based programs.

Strengthening the Experience
Strengthening Student Potential
Strengthening Career Opportunities
Strengthening the Foundation  

Johnson & Wales University has enjoyed remarkable growth in recent decades. Strong and positive leadership with a clear vision of what the university could become has resulted in a multi-campus institution of higher learning with more than 16,000 students enrolled in programs through the doctoral level, nearly 2,000 employees, an endowment exceeding $200 million, and more than 85,000 alumni. Recognized in particular for its culinary and hospitality programs, JWU is highly respected in the marketplace with a reputation for graduating skilled and proficient individuals who are motivated to succeed. This extraordinary success has created a strong foundation for the university to move to the next level; FOCUS 2011 is the strategic plan designed to take us there.

While growth and fiscal stability have been the primary objectives of previous planning efforts, FOCUS 2011 will emphasize the enhancement of quality throughout the university toward strengthening the institution’s mission: empower its diverse student body to succeed in today’s dynamic world by integrating general education, professional skills and career-focused education. To this end, the University employs its faculty, services, curricula and facilities to equip students with the conceptual and practical tools required to become contributing members of society.

The enhancement of quality will be accomplished through the achievement of an ambitious set of goals designed to enrich our academic programs and other aspects of the student experience; assure the admission of individuals who can best benefit from JWU’s programs, and provide more robust preparation to promote career success while ensuring affordability. The various components of the university — structural, fiscal and human — are the foundation on which we will achieve the objectives of FOCUS 2011 and endeavor to strengthen these important building blocks of our success.

Achievement will be measured through retention and graduation rates. In addition, we will realize results by ensuring that admitted students have an increased chance to benefit from and succeed in university programs. Our goal is to prepare our students for better career opportunities, and to create heightened demand by industry for our graduates. Between now and 2011 we will use numerous quantitative and qualitative measures of our achievement, not only to assess progress, but also to promote improvement.

Being ambitious and bold has always been part of the university’s DNA, seen best as it has grappled with the future. FOCUS 2011 is very much in keeping with that institutional characteristic. Our strategic plan outlines an exciting but realistic prospect that can be achieved with dedication, commitment and hard work. The result will be a stronger, more vibrant university that will thrive in years to come.

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FOCUS 2011: Strengthening JWU

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