Institutional Research Project Request: Internal JWU

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About Project

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Purpose of Project
Please describe in as much detail as possible your reasons for conducting this research project. What do you expect to learn? How is the project related to your unit’s goals and objectives? How is it related to Johnson & Wales University’s mission and strategic plan?

Data Gathering Strategy
What method (s) will you use to gather information for the project?

Note: Please send all relevant documents, including survey instruments, interview questions, etc., as well as any correspondence that will be sent to participants to

Who is your primary target population (please describe in detail)?

Will you have access to any information about your target population that is not directly asked on your data collection tool? For example, will you be able to identify respondents in such a way that you can link their responses to your survey, interview, etc. to their student records in Banner? Please describe.

How will you administer the data collection tool? (Please note that if you plan to administer the tool to a large group of individuals through JWU’s email system, you must first obtain the appropriate permissions.)

When will you administer the tool?

Will you be using any incentives to encourage participation? If so, please describe.

Is this a one-time project or a recurring one? If recurring, how often do you expect to conduct it?

What costs are associated with conducting this study (examples include financial costs as well as the use of JWU facilities, computers, etc.)? Do you have approved funding in a university budget for the project?

How will the results of the study be used? How will they be presented and to whom?