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“We should teach a thing not for its own sake, but as preparation for what lies beyond.” This, according to university co-founder Mary Wales, was the principle on which Johnson & Wales was founded in 1914 with one student and one typewriter. Now, nearly 100 years later, with more than 16,000 students on four campuses around the country, JWU has held true to its mission of preparing students for meaningful, industry relevant careers. We are proud to highlight just a few of the more than 76,000 JWU alumni — residing in 109 countries — who have become influential leaders in their industries and communities. read more

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As a university, Johnson & Wales is globally oriented, community minded and career focused. Each issue of JWU Magazine highlights some of these core themes.  


From the Publisher More than 76,000 graduates reside throughout the U.S. and 139 countries. This broad brush, however, doesn’t begin to describe the depth and breadth of this powerful JWU network. Our graduates are leaders in industries throughout the world.