technology influences how compass hires millenials

technology influences how compass hires millenials

new generation of professionals influencing and changing the way employers interact with them
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In their career quests, Johnson & Wales University students are tackling “real time” and “Web cam” interviews, in addition to now standard approaches like the job interview, the case study breakdown and phone or panel interview, as companies like Compass Group leverage new media.

At a recent On Campus Recruiting (OCR) event Compass Group was making every effort to stay ahead of the curve. “We elected to pilot the video Web cam interview with Johnson & Wales this year,” says Compass’ Director of College Relations John Tuomala ’92. “These will not replace face-to-face interviews but follow as the second stage. We’re shrinking geography with this high-tech/high-touch interview process.”

The approach has obvious advantages, reducing hiring time and keeping costs low for organizations and students. “The video interview was really neat,” said Caragh Dooley, a senior in the food service management program. “I liked that I could review my response.”

Beyond Web interviews Compass is piloting a blog that connects millennials with Compass-JWU activities and initiatives.

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