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Charlotte Students Generate New Concepts, Reinforce Time Honored Ideals 
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From Guerilla Marketing to the Power of Packaging
Marketing students are being put through the paces of creating advertising campaigns and protective packaging for in-class projects with real-world impact.

Honors students in the College of Business put guerrilla-marketing tactics to work to create an on-campus buzz around smoking cessation. Thanks to a $5,250 grant from the North Carolina Health and Wellness Trust Fund, the group had a chance to define a strategy and launch a marketing program targeting classmates.

Under the direction of business assistant professor Jay Schafer, students worked with a Charlotte market research firm to conduct focus groups, and an ad agency to create signage for the campaign. Book bag buttons with an insignia that read “IM…RU?” were worn by nonsmokers and kept the initiative highly visible. A student campus prize patrol handed out more than 120 gifts to those wearing buttons who were able to answer the question of the week regarding smoking. Prizes included iPods and a variety of gift certificates for restaurants and stores frequented by students.

“This was a great way to experience real marketing and better prepare us for a career after college,” said Donald Rouse, a senior marketing major.

An Internet blog encouraged student involvement and included helpful non-smoking facts and articles as well as photos and progress of the campaign.

Meanwhile, students in Assistant Professor Julie Joseph’s ’00, ’02 M.B.A. business-to-business marketing class were learning the importance of packaging and how it goes beyond bright colors and brand recognition. Their task: design and create packaging to protect eggs. Testing found students hanging over the ledges of a parking deck and dropping packages onto a bright blue and yellow tarp while hollering, “Look out below!”

Student Crystie Defranco’s team used balloons: “We knew that they would float right down to the ground. It not only provided our egg with proper cushioning but the impact wasn’t as intense as our competitors’ when it hit the ground.”

Participants started from a one-story drop and progressed up five floors. Out of 12 teams, seven created indestructible designs. The winners were also judged on creativity, practicality and special features.

Img Campus News CLT Irwin School 170x150Nutrition and Etiquette Served with a Side Order of Fun
Fifth graders from Irwin Elementary School munched on roasted pumpkin seeds, studied the United States Department of Agriculture food pyramid and ate “kid” food with a nutritious twist, thanks to JWU hospitality students challenged with creating a healthy lunch for a class of local at-risk youth.

Under an awning of Halloween decorations, guests dug into grilled chicken strips rolled in corn flakes, pizza made on whole wheat English muffins and ground turkey tacos. “I love the way you made the applesauce purple and made the dessert look like it actually had bugs (raisins) in it,” exclaimed one student.

It was all fun and games during a head-spinning etiquette lesson. Students were blindfolded, spun around and told to try and “pin” or Velcro a plate, fork or napkin onto the correct place on the “table,” drawn on an easel for a game of Pin the Table Setting on the Table.

“I really like when you showed us how to act and what to act like,” noted an enthusiastic participant. “You really showed us how
to be polite and to be a gentleman and little lady.”