focus 2011:projecting promise

focus 2011:projecting promise

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On Oct. 30, 2008, the evaluation team of 14 individuals from the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC) conducted its accreditation exit interview with senior Johnson & Wales University leaders. It was evident that the team found JWU to be a large and complex organization, and will outline opportunities for improvement in its upcoming report, which we as a university community will take seriously. While the formal NEASC report on our reaccreditation status will not be issued until spring 2009, closing comments from the visiting team strongly affirmed JWU’s strategic direction and relentless pursuit of the goals of FOCUS 2011.

As we pass the mid-point of our five-year strategic plan, JWU remains committed to communicating the efforts and progress of FOCUS 2011. In November 2008, for the third consecutive year, university and campus leaders personally updated each campus community on JWU’s progress-to-date and highlighted the next steps. Strong attendance, active participation and dialogue with JWU faculty and staff underscored the buy-in for this ambitious plan.

As members of the JWU family, we want everyone to appreciate how to positively impact and contribute to the ongoing success of the plan, and invite you to access the 2007–2008 progress update that is posted online. Send feedback to

above: University and campus leaders gather with students, staff and faculty at the North Miami Campus before a FOCUS 2011 presentation in November 2008.

Strengthening the Experience
Strengthening Student Potential
Strengthening Career Opportunities
Strengthening the Foundation

Explore these areas to see how FOCUS 2011 is enhancing the quality of a JWU education, and creating a foundation for our students' success.

goal of focus 2011

Through our strategic plan, FOCUS 2011, we will strengthen Johnson & Wales University to ensure that we attract and retain highly motivated and demonstrably capable students. As America’s career university, we will prepare them for professional success through academically rigorous, industry relevant and experientially based programs.