shaping the future

shaping the future

Framing New Horizons
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Managing multimillion dollar web sites
Matt Gordon is an e-commerce marketing analyst for Time Warner, which owns CNN, TBS and TNT and several other high-profile companies. In a highly-competitve forum, Matt manages new initiatives to make the network’s website more exciting and interactive. He received the Outstanding Web Development Award from the Web Marketing Association.

lessons from jwu While I always had a knack for technology, I needed to learn the finer points of business, from résumé development and interview skills to understanding cultural differences.

best advice Never be afraid or embarrassed to admit when you make an error. It is better to admit your mistakes and learn from them, than to not say anything at all.

career advice for new alumni Do what others think can’t be done, do it well, and do it ahead of schedule.

heroes in life My parents. They taught me to never give up, never give in and if you believe in something, don’t back down. It has been the backbone of who and what I am.

book on your nightstand “Tough Choices” by Carly Fiorina.

Magazine 0509 Profile Michael Laliberte 93x93MICHAEL LALIBERTE ’03 Ed.D.
Putting students and education first As vice president of student affairs at Boise State University, Michael Laliberte oversees eight departments centered in student programs and activities. His goal at Idaho’s largest university is to create the preeminent student affairs program in the country for his campus’ more than 19,500 students.

lessons from jwu Teamwork and collaboration. Everyone, regardless of title or position, must share in the responsibility for the outcome or output of a project.

quality admired in others The most outstanding quality that an individual can maintain is personal integrity. It is impossible to be truly successful without having a solid commitment to one’s integrity.

most important ingredient in life Laughter. Whether it is at my own expense, or the result of an awkward experience, it should be treasured and used frequently.

career advice for new alumni Never give up your hopes, dreams and aspirations. Try to live each day thinking “How is what I have done today assisting me in accomplishing my ultimate goal?”

favorite quote
“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us.” — Marianne Williamson

Magazine 0509 Profile Debbie Basque 93x93DEBBIE BASQUE ’05
Pioneering government technology Debbie Basque is an electrical design engineer for Cobham Sensor Systems in Bolton, Mass. She meets the demands of high-profile organizations, developing antenna subsystems for such government agencies as the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration and Department of Defense.

lessons from jwu
There is no such thing as a stupid question. Do not be afraid to ask for help if you don’t understand the details of a task or project.

role jwu played in your career From interviewing skills and résumé writing, to understanding my personal motivations, JWU made me more confident and prepared for the business world.

best advice Believe in yourself, because if you don’t think you can do something or be someone special, no one else will.

formula for work-life balance I enjoy my job and what I do. When you can feel that good about your career, it makes for a healthier life and an easy balance between the two.

career advice for new alumni When moving into your first career, ask someone to be your mentor. Having someone you can turn to for professional advice is always helpful.

Magazine 0509 Profile Karin Edward 93x93KARIN EDWARDS ’05 Ed.D.
Making education affordable and accessible Karin Edwards is chief student affairs officer at Three Rivers Community College in Norwich, Conn. By providing opportunities for student engagement and learning in a diverse environment, she bolsters an educational experience that prepares students to serve a global community.

what brought you to jwu The doctoral program in educational leadership. The executive-style program was ideal for my work and family schedule. I had outstanding instructors who were examples of leaders in higher education.

outsider, rebel, entrepreneur or team player Being part of a team affords me the opportunity to learn from the others and to garner their support and encouragement. I’ve recognized my own talents and strengths, and work to improve my weaknesses.

heroes in life Martin Luther King Jr., Stevie Wonder and Maya Angelou.

qualities admired in others
Honesty, humility and humor.

most important ingredient in life Happiness.