University Chancellor's Desk

University Chancellor's Desk

Dear Friends:
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"The years teach much which the days never know." — Ralph Waldo Emerson

I quoted Emerson at a recent Johnson & Wales University senior leadership meeting in regard to the progress our university community is making with FOCUS 2011. We launched our ambitious strategic plan in 2006 before the global economic recession.

Over the last four years, there were days when our commitment to enroll smaller and more selective classes by design; to make education more affordable; to allocate more institutional aid, secure scholarships and launch new programs with restricted resources seemed insurmountable. We persevered on a daily basis always trying to keep the end goal in mind. We continued to follow our blueprint and now, in the final year of the plan, we can appreciate the victories and the lessons learned.

We continue making adjustments without compromising our duty to our students, faculty, staff and friends. Since 1914, we've been transforming the dreams of career-minded students into reality. Through our education model and the entrepreneurial approach of our administration, we're developing not only industry and civic leaders, but also the communities that host our dynamic campuses. In 2009–2010 alone, JWU students performed more than 171,000 hours of community service. Our alumni from 140 countries are more than 83,000 strong, enriching organizations and neighborhoods and influencing a myriad of fields with their passion, drive and knowledge.

It is JWU's history of strategic planning that has allowed us to evolve and transform our university. An insight into our financial and operational decisions over the past two decades is one of the features in this issue. As you read it, I hope you share the pride we feel about our solid growth. I hope you also recognize that success has not come easily and that we need the time, talent and treasure of our alumni and friends to ensure future generations of students graduate with a coveted JWU degree and the backing of a strong and vibrant university.

At this time when some New Year's resolutions may be waning, please join me in committing to a simple yet rewarding resolve — to stay actively engaged with JWU. You are a critical part of JWU's evolving story and our ongoing journey toward excellence.

University Chancellor John J. Bowen '77