Focus 2011

Focus 2011

Building for Success

By Piya Sarawgi-Fenn ’94, ’02 MBA

Under its current strategic plan, FOCUS 2011, Johnson & Wales University set its sights on raising the bar in qualitative and quantitative ways, and transforming the institution. The tie binding these academic, administrative, financial and operational initiatives is the goal of providing students relevant and rewarding experiences — both inside and beyond the classroom.

Focus2011Composite120x404FOCUS 2011 launched before the global recession. The uncertain economy demanded deliberate decisions, strategic choices and targeted outside funding geared to meet the university's most pressing needs. Even as JWU enhanced its facilities and infrastructure, the university continually tried to make education affordable for students.

In this final year of FOCUS 2011, we take a look at the physical transformation across JWU's four campuses in recent years. Every state-of-the-art upgrade came with a substantial price tag. Over the past five years, JWU has invested $115 million in property, plant and equipment. Through all these physical improvements, the university remained committed to urban revitalization and thoughtful historic renovation. We encourage alumni and friends to visit and experience these new structures firsthand at each of our campuses.

Strengthening the Foundation:

Providence Campus 

North Miami Campus 

Denver Campus 

Charlotte Campus 

goal of focus 2011

Through our strategic plan, FOCUS 2011, we will strengthen Johnson & Wales University to ensure that we attract and retain highly motivated and demonstrably capable students. As America’s career university, we will prepare them for professional success through academically rigorous, industry relevant and experientially based programs.