Defining Success as Rising Stars

Defining Success as Rising Stars

Rising Stars
JWU Magazine 2011 Spring Feature Success Stars 230x160

JWU Magazine 2011 Spring Feature Success Stars Bennett 93x93Ted Bennett ’05
Hardware Team Manager, Marvell Semiconductor Inc.

He graduated just a few years ago, but Ted’s already leading a team of engineers to new frontiers in technology. His group creates the blueprint for Marvell application processors — including one for a new tablet students can use as a textbook. Lead designer, system architect, team manager: it’s a challenging job, but Ted loves it. That’s important, he says. “Find a career in an industry you enjoy. I see a lot of people who, after graduating, decided the field just wasn’t what they wanted.”

JWU’s role in your career Because of JWU’s internship programs and alumni connections, I got an internship at Intel. This really jump-started my career. I was able to prove myself, and got offered a full-time position.

Greatest JWU influence Dean Frank Tweedie was one of my first professors at JWU, my advisor, not to mention a great guy. He really helped decide my education and career path.

Favorite website Between working in the handheld business and personal interest, I spend a lot of time on

Career milestone Becoming a manager. I was a senior engineer, but this new challenge meant responsibility and decisions for the entire team.

Favorite quote “I’d rather be hated for who I am, than loved for who I am not.“ — Kurt Cobain

JWU Magazine 2011 Spring Feature Success Stars Paves 93x93Carolina Pavez ’06
Marketing Producer, Telemundo

Carolina’s father told her, “Doesn’t matter what you do, do it right and be the best.” The Venezuelan native took those words to heart. “My biggest challenge was to be part of the TV industry in the USA,” she says. “With a lot of work and sacrifice, I gained my place.” Carolina’s life changed when she enrolled at JWU. She got an internship at Telemundo, which led to a job. Then she was promoted to marketing producer of the company’s Branded Entertainment department. “Hispanics are changing our communities and economy,” she says. “The industry will need more and more big ideas to reach that target.” Carolina is right at the forefront, helping provide those ideas.

Defining career moment The first time I watched one of my creations on national TV!

JWU’s role in your career Because of JWU, I had the opportunity to make my internship site my actual workplace.

Advice for new grads Take advantage of your internship. It’s your passport to a good job.

Favorite quote “Believe in yourself and you can achieve greatness in your life.” — Judy Blume

JWU Magazine 2011 Spring Feature Success Stars Brock 93x93Sean Brock ’00
Executive Chef, McCrady’s and Husk, Charleston, SC

The future is all about growing local, says Sean. “More people are going to start paying attention to where their food comes from.” The Food Network’s “Challenge: The Next Great Chef” and James Beard Award winner should know. That’s exactly what he’s doing at his hit restaurants. He believes it’s not sustainable for chefs to order food from all over, so he improvises daily, mostly with fresh produce he grows at a 100-acre organic farm nearby. “We start piecing the recipes together. It’s like a game of Jenga. Given Sean’s stellar New York Times review, it’s a game he’ll win

Favorite JWU memory My first class was stocks and sauces. I learned so much in that class; things that I still use on a daily basis. It’s the backbone of cooking.

Lessons learned at JWU Being a chef is much more than just cooking. The sooner you realize that, the better chef you’ll be.

Managing work and life balance My work is my life and my life is my work. I made that decision 10 years ago. There’s no turning back now!

JWU Magazine 2011 Spring Feature Success Stars Freeman 93x93Marshall Freeman ’06
President and CEO, Creative Music Group Inc.

Marshall’s always looking forward. He’s helped coordinate Super Bowls and MTV Video Music Awards, and choreograph Redman and Sisqo concerts while he was still a student. Now, he manages artists he believes will change music. “My vision for the future of entertainment is getting music back to when it was true and authentic,” Marshall says. He’s helping Seba, City of God, Elijah King and other artists make that happen. “If you can align yourself with artists you truly believe in, the so-called work is the easy part,” he says.

Career milestone Signing my first artist to a recording label. This was a huge accomplishment.

Favorite JWU memory Helping to plan university events and activities. Welcome Week and Homecoming were always my favorite.

Career guru Managers like Johnny Wright, who has really paved the way with his branding, marketing and corporate structure.

Managing work and life balance I am very fortunate to be doing my ultimate dream job, while making a living. I find excitement and joy in doing what I love the most: music.

Favorite quote “As long as you keep your head to the sky, you can win. Be optimistic.” — "Optimistic," by Sounds of Blackness