University Chancellor's Desk

University Chancellor's Desk

Dear Friends:
President Bowen 232x162

The core of any university is its academic programs; it is on that base that everything rests. The quality of our academic programs greatly influences the reputation of our university and the value of a JWU degree.

When we launched our current strategic plan, FOCUS 2011, I charged University Provost Veera Gaul, PhD, ’91 MS to work with our faculty and academic leaders to attain and maintain excellence in all programs, nurture high-quality instruction, re-engineer experiential education and ensure we remain current by pursuing new program development and leading-edge delivery mechanisms that are mission-centric. In this issue’s FOCUS 2011 section, you will see examples of how we are accomplishing these lofty goals.

JWU is a leader in career-focused education and justly proud of the quality and variety of its offerings. But, there are always opportunities for improvement, and improvement is essential if we are to continually elevate our position. Our academic program reviews continue to direct our attention to those programs that support industry and provide our students an appropriate return on investment as evidenced by career progression. Over the course of FOCUS 2011 we have conducted 13 program reviews and committed more than $7.8 million for experts and resources to support these reviews.

Our academic community is enthusiastic. They know stronger, industry-relevant programs attract the students we wish to serve. They mean better retention and enhanced career opportunities for our graduates. Our degree programs are as good as those who teach them. As a former culinary faculty member, I am proud to say that JWU has, and will continue to increase student learning through faculty evaluation and development.

These are long-term investment goals. To ensure program changes and enhancements meet a high level of quality, rigor and excellence will require time and patience.

Across the system we are challenging ourselves every day to raise expectations of quality for our students and ourselves. We’ve achieved much and plan to achieve more. As we approach the holidays and reflect on what we’re thankful for, I hope you are thankful, as I am, for being part of our vibrant JWU community. I wish you a happy, healthy and peaceful holiday season.

Chancellor John J. Bowen '77