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  • Providence is a small city with big surprises, from a world-famous foodie scene where new restaurants pop up daily, to a thriving tech startup and design community — all less than an hour from Boston, and just 3 hours to NYC.

    The city made Details’ list of the top cities with startup fever in 2011, and it’s definitely a place where collaboration propels innovative ideas forward.

    So what are you waiting for? Don’t just study what you love — get out there and do it in the Creative Capital.

  • Hasbro Intern Designs for My Little Pony

    Sure, JWU student Corey played with Mr. Potato Head and Play-Doh as a kid. But he never expected to be designing at one of the world's leading toy companies.

    What it's like interning at the home of Transformers, Nerf, Super Soaker, G.I. Joe, Monopoly, Twister, Connect 4 and Candy Land? Just ask Corey:

    "I used many of the web skills I acquired through my Client Side and HTML coding classes here at JWU," says graphic design student Cory Clark.

    My Hasbro Internship
    By Corey Clark
    Graphic Design & Digital Media major  

    I love going to work at Hasbro. I knew that this internship would be a great way to “test out” the corporate scene, to determine whether or not this would be a good fit for me. I could not be happier with my choice.

    EasyBake Oven Designs My supervisors gave me complete freedom to create a cooking recipes template for the new EasyBake Ultimate Oven.

    This was a great way to show my design skills, and to use them for something that would be published on a Hasbro product. I created a template that showcases the overall look and feel of EasyBake, while being easy to edit.

    Web Experience, Behind-the-Scenes I upload website assets (i.e. episodic content including coloring pages, parent discussions, images).

    This gave me more exposure to web content management systems (CMS) and the behind-the-scenes work that goes into a website. I used many of the web skills I acquired through my Client Side and HTML coding classes.

    My Little Pony Logo The new Friendship is Magic logo that I’ve designed will be featured on parent content on the website. This was a great project to familiarize myself with legal guidelines of what you can and cannot do for consumer products.

    Make Your Design Career Happen
    Corey was hired full-time as a digital production assistant at Hasbro after his internship.

    Make your career happen with a Graphic Design & Digital Media major internship.

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