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  • Ready to step up, and stand out? JWU students lead in their community and in their industry. Out in the North Miami community, do work related to your major at nonprofits and with our Greek Life and volunteer groups.

    Join our National Student Organizations (NSO), build career skills in our clubs, compete in national DECA competitions and become a member of our professional organizations.

    There are no limits to the ways you can go beyond the classroom at JWU, competing as a team and building leadership skills while you turn your ideas into reality.

  • Video: How to Run a Pop-up Taqueria

    Hospitality Students Run Fast/Casual Restaurant
    JWU assistant professor Brian Connors shows you what it takes to run an authentic taquería in his senior-level Food Service Operations Management class. Here’s how his students pulled it off.

    Today’s team is rolling out a fresh-Mex concept called Casa de Carabelas.

    “Take a mixture of Chipotle and your favorite taco stand — today we’re bringing it on campus,” says Connors.

    The students’ challenge? To pull off their concept effortlessly, creatively and deliciously. “This class is really a test of leadership and management skills.”

    Want to run your dream restaurant? Get started at our Hospitality College.

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