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  • How do you get the most relevant industry theory, and an insider understanding of your career field? In class and out at JWU, many faculty serve as mentors who challenge and inspire you as they share both their expertise and personal experience.

    Our faculty members know what it takes to succeed in your industry — because they’ve been there. As you transition from a student to a professional, connect with them to make networking connections and choose work experience that fits your career goals.

  • My Faculty Fave: Advertising Educator of the Year

    Stephanie is one of the American Advertising Federation’s 50 “Most Promising Minority Students” in the country this year — and she credits her JWU business professor Kris Hefley, Denver Ad Club's 2012 "Advertising Educator of the Year" winner, with helping her get there.

    Business professor Kris Hefley with student Stephanie Garcia My Faculty Fave: Kris Hefley
    By Stephanie Garcia

    All of my professors are industry professionals who regularly bring their expertise and personal experiences into the classroom.

    But Prof. Hefley had the most significant impact in his role as my professor, faculty advisor and mentor. This year he was even named “Educator of the Year” by the Denver Ad Club!

    His classes have deepened my understanding of the advertising field, and they’re always inspiring, involving and fun.

    Visit to Ad Agency Totally Inspires But the day that really changed my view of advertising was when our Marketing Communications class paid a visit to Cactus, a full service ad agency here in Denver.

    I’d never been to an actual agency before and didn’t know what to expect — but I was fascinated by how fun, vibrant and inspiring their corporate culture was. It was pretty much the coolest place I’d ever been and I knew I wanted to work in an environment like that someday.

    Following the tour, our guides talked about their responsibilities within the agency, how they work with their clients and the different roles of each department. I left Cactus with a deeper appreciation for my chosen field.

    Practical Prep for the Real World  There’s a quote from Newsweek on the wall in our Admissions office: “Critics who say college doesn’t prepare you for the real world haven’t seen Johnson & Wales.”

    To me, this statement sums up what differentiates JWU from other universities, and Professor Hefley is a prime example. He’ll always be a mentor to me, and a resource I can count on as I advance in my career.

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