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  • Forbes calls Denver “the top city in America to live and work.” Financial and tourism center of the West? Check. Outdoor and pro sports mecca — with no less than 7 major league teams? Right again. Innovative culinary hotspot? Oh yes. This mountain city has it all — and then some.

    And, being so close to the Rockies spells career opportunity for those interested in casinos, adventure tourism or high-end event planning.

  • My JWU: Small Campus, Strong Bonds

    Lauren loves how close-knit the Denver Campus is. “We help each other succeed here. Campus spirit is incredible.”

    JWU SEE Student Lauren Hergenreter Denver CampusTop 5 Reasons I Love JWU
    By Lauren Hergenreter
    Sports/Entertainment/Event Management major  

    Location, Location, Location! The Denver Campus is minutes from downtown Denver, which is a sports and entertainment hub.

    We’re also down the street from Stapleton, a rapidly growing community that’s home to Sysco’s regional headquarters as well as numerous hotels and restaurants.

    Basically, there are options for you here no matter what you want to do as a career.

    And faculty and staff do everything in their power to make connections with these facilities in order to help students network and find jobs.

    You’re a Name, Not a Number I can walk anywhere and run into someone I know. It’s a small campus, the professors get to know their students on a first name basis, and it’s not too far from my family.

    JWU Denver Campus Friends and NetworkCampus Spirit JWU students stick together and always try to help one another be successful in school and in their careers.

    Everyone is very hospitable to one another — and not just in The Hospitality College, where I go! The school really encourages us to build networking relationships with businesses and each other.

    Favorite Campus Tradition The last night of every term, we host a “Late Night Breakfast” in our dining hall where students can eat, dance and relax after finals. The people who serve the breakfast to the students are none other than JWU staff and faculty.

    Faculty and Staff Who Go Above and Beyond It underscores how dedicated our staff is, and how they will give up their free time to do activities with the students. It’s not just Late Night Breakfast — they drive vans to events, take students to conferences all over the country and even play outdoor sports with us!

    I know at a lot of schools where students don’t even get to talk to their professors outside of class — only adjuncts. That’s why I feel extremely lucky to be able to say I not only get to talk to my professors outside of class, but I get to know them on a more personal level.

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