• JWU Centennial
  • Transformational Leaders

    For any university to grow and flourish for 100 years takes strong leadership.

    And it’s crucial that those leaders understand not only what elements to change, but what to preserve — to take what was begun by Misses Johnson and Wales and ensure that it evolves in a way that is thoughtful, relevant and responsive to changing times.

    JWU has been well served by the overlapping development of leaders. Each successive leadership team — Edward Triangolo and Morris Gaebe, Gaebe and John Yena, Yena and John Bowen — has learned from and expanded upon the policies and strategies that came before, which has proven significant to the preservation of institutional culture, and to the university’s longterm longevity and success.

    Here we examine the transformational leadership of Morris Gaebe, John Yena and John Bowen.

Other Highlights

    • Transformational Leaders Morris Gaebe

      Morris J.W. Gaebe

      A distinguished career that establishes the foundation for JWU as an institution.

    • Transformational Leaders  John Yena

      John A. Yena

      A legacy of expansion, formalized planning and enhancing the university’s global reputation.

    • Transformational Leaders John Bowen

      John J. Bowen

      A career spanning 3 decades connects academics with the workplace.