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  • My Faculty Fave: Sarah Malik, Food Service Management
    "Now that I have Sarah Malik for this FSM class," Ehron says, "It really shows me that everything she said is true. I can pretty much do whatever under the umbrella of hospitality."

    “We just had a lab, and the student manager was just drowning in everything that went wrong that night," Ehron says. "Plates started going out at the wrong time, orders got mixed up."

    "Sarah just sat over here with a calm face. She basically took in what everybody else was doing, she wrote it all down. The next day we had a debrief, and she was able to pinpoint EXACTLY what every student was doing at that time that the chaos went down."

    "Her keeping her composure the whole time — allowing us to make our mistakes, and learn from that — is a great opportunity." Meet more hospitality faculty mentors

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