JWU 360

JWU 360 logo (square)Rooted in JWU’s long-standing history in experiential education, expertise in food and nutrition, and emerging strength in health and wellness, JWU 360 encompasses the core student experiences that all JWU students can engage in throughout their time on campus. The goal is to help you explore and access the wide range of unique opportunities available to support your holistic development and success.

What does this mean for you? Think of JWU 360 as toolkit of options to supplement and enrich your central academic experience. Some options — like internships, integrated learning courses, or study abroad — can be taken for academic credit. Other aspects of JWU 360 — like wellness programming or community engagement — are ways to participate in co-curricular learning that build life skills. In or out of the classroom, the focus is on learning real-world competencies.

Some components of JWU 360 are already in place, while other aspects are being developed to roll out during the 2022-23 academic year and beyond.

What Is JWU 360?

The key areas of JWU 360 are:

JWU 360 Typographic Logo: Nutrition & WellnessNutrition & Wellness

With our history as a culinary institution, JWU is uniquely positioned to provide you with insight into nutrition and wellness. We provide opportunities to explore how food is medicine — and how it keeps our bodies strong and our minds sharp. Wellness offerings will promote co-curricular learning and well-being in parallel. An experiential learning model invites the infusion of wellness into the student experience.

Programs are still being developed, but will include:

  • Nutrition workshops
  • Health lifestyle workshops
  • Holistic wellness initiatives to support students
  • Cooking classes
  • JWU 360 nutrition program for select dining halls

JWU 360 Typographic Logo: Experiential LearningExperiential Learning

Hands-on learning is a core aspect of the JWU educational experience that helps prepare you for professional success after graduation. Core experiences include:

JWU 360 Typographic Logo: Academic Exploration & DiscoveryAcademic Exploration & Discovery

Starting in your first year, faculty mentors and the first-year seminar course will help guide you as you explore the breadth of JWU’s offerings. At the sophomore level and beyond, discover new ideas through various interdisciplinary courses and academic opportunities, including:

  • First-Year Seminar (Fall 2023)
  • Interdisciplinary and integrative learning courses
  • Faculty Mentoring (Fall 2022: Providence; Fall 2023: Charlotte)
  • Senior Seminar or other capstone courses
  • Participation in student-run clubs and organizations
  • Personalized academic success coaching and tutoring provided by peer and professional tutors

JWU 360 Typographic Logo: Social & Community ResponsibilitySocial & Community Responsibility

Engaging in our communities is an incredible way to enact change in areas such as food insecurity, food justice and sustainability. Involvement in community activities provides valuable practical experience in ethics, leadership, community and social responsibility.

  • Community engagement and service learning
  • Interdisciplinary courses with a social justice component (like the Community Justice and Culinary Sustainability minors)
  • Providence’s Food Rescue Program and Charlotte’s Food Pantry
  • Food Sustainability

JWU 360 encompasses a range of enriching academic and extracurricular student experiences.