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We are immersed in the consumption and creation of more multimedia content than any other time in history, and our future will be documented by a mass audience of storytellers. At JWU, we’re here to help you become one of those storytellers.

Through our programs, you’ll take courses centered around communications theory and practice, with a secondary focus on media literacy. Combined with our core Arts & Sciences courses, our programs help you expand your critical thinking skills and become literate in all forms of media.

Gain essential strategic communications skills and be prepared to create change and make a difference through a profession you’re passionate about. You’ll be ready to move forward with a career that uses media platforms ranging from TV, podcasts and video, to the internet and social media.

JWU’s expert faculty and advisors work closely with you, putting you on the right path for your specific career goals. As part of a JWU education, we connect you with unique, invaluable internships and other experiential learning opportunities to position you ahead of the rest in the job market.

Featured Communications Degrees

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Marketing & Advertising

Are you interested in targeted marketing and analytics? Do you get excited about watching the Super Bowl ads and how many people tuned in? Do you rewrite messaging for ads in your head while reading them? In our Marketing & Advertising program, you’ll expand your creativity, learn new skills and gain experience in the latest technology for creating successful campaigns. You’ll explore the various roles that make up a creative team and which of those you’d like to take on: analyzing data, writing, designing, producing and more.

Explore Marketing & Advertising (B.S.)

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Digital Marketing & Social Media

Digital marketing is the fastest growing marketing area and for good reason. Businesses have an increasing need for professionals who can plan and communicate brand messaging across various digital platforms. Through targeted social media marketing courses, our degree will give you the knowledge to develop effective social strategies. You’ll study target audiences to show businesses how to use digital marketing and social media to their advantage.

Explore Digital Marketing & Social Media (B.S.)

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Graphic Design

If design is your passion and you’re a creative thinker who likes to get ideas across or inspire others through your work, we’ve got you covered. At JWU, you’ll learn to solve visual communication problems using design and digital tools, including current software and hardware. You’ll create a portfolio of your work and develop an individualized identity that weaves throughout your work. When you graduate, you’ll bring your skills and experience with you to succeed in the world of design.

Explore Graphic Design (B.S.)

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Media & Communication

No matter where your passion falls in the world of media and communications, whether it’s video, film, news, social media, photography or other content creating tools and platforms, JWU can help put you on the right path to a fulfilling career. While learning on industry-standard equipment, you’ll gain hands-on experience, analyze media theories and focus your studies in advertising, production, writing or management.

Explore Media & Communication (B.A.)

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Food Studies

Explore the significance of food in history, religion, philosophy, literature, politics and more while developing skills in food writing and presentation. Through diversified coursework, students of this minor synthesize and apply theories and concepts from many disciplines of food studies, deepening their understanding of food history and culture and enhancing their major field of studies in the process.

Explore Food Studies (Minor)

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Professional Communications

Having strong communication skills is essential for success in many fields of business and industry. Whether making decisions, analyzing performance, designing user-friendly systems or managing a project, effective communication of business and technical details is needed. This minor focuses on building written and oral communication, use of new media, collaboration and problem-solving skills as part of career education.

Explore Professional Communications (Minor)


Whether your interest lies in marketing, advertising, graphic design, video production or media relations, you’ll find the perfect program to match your passion at JWU.

Communications Majors & Programs

Featured Faculty

Associate Professor Deana Marzocchi

Deana Marzocchi

Marzocchi’s area of expertise is branding and print design. Academically, she works with students in the Design Solutions Team courses that focus on authentic learning experiences that pairs students with community organizations.

Read Marzocchi’s Faculty Bio

Professor Chris Westgate

Christopher Westgate, Ph.D.

Westgate’s interests are diverse, as he enjoys teaching seminars on social media and research methods and classes that explore the intersection of media, culture and society. Many of his courses involve opportunities to engage with local media organizations and institutions. 

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Associate Professor Evan Villari

Evan Villari

For the past 15 years, Villari has been teaching various media production, filmmaking and communication courses. Before joining JWU he served on the Rhode Island School of Design faculty in both the Film/Animation/Video degree program and the Continuing Education Division. His films, shot both digitally and on celluloid, have been shown in group and solo screenings from Boston to Anchorage.

Read Villari’s Faculty Bio

Professor Michelle Rego

Michelle Rego

Rego’s teaching philosophy centers around her passion for project-based learning and community service. She has worked with a wide range of nonprofit organizations on various social issues with her students and believes in the power of communication to advocate for social good.

Read Rego’s Faculty Bio

JWU Communications News

Amazon and JWU Advertising

In 2020, JWU Advertising students became some of the first students in the country — and the only ones on the East Coast — to take part in a pilot of Amazon’s Advertising Account Executive (AAE) program, a seed program that introduces students to Amazon’s advertising platform by having them create a campaign using the platform and present their work to Amazon marketing executives.

Learn More about the Amazon Program

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