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At JWU, we believe sustainability touches every aspect of life. Its influence shapes how we live on our campuses, how we manage our facilities and — perhaps most importantly — how we teach in our classrooms. We have woven sustainability into the fabric of the JWU experience, from the programs our students study to the lightbulbs that illuminate the spaces where they learn — and everything in between.

Whether you study Business, Food Innovation, Health & Wellness, Design, Biology or any JWU program, you’ll find themes of sustainability and sustainable practices in your studies. You’ll learn how it impacts every topic, industry and career in today’s world. You’ll begin to understand why we’re so passionate about it. Then, hopefully, you’ll become passionate about it, too.

Sustainability Programs

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Environmental Sustainability (Minor)

Complement any bachelor program with this minor to delve deeper into the scientific, public policy and economic challenges of current environmental problems

Environmental Sustainability (Minor)

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Adventure, Sports and Sustainable Tourism (Minor)

Develop a better understanding of how tourism can enhance the welfare of people while protecting and interacting with the natural environment.

Adventure, Sports and Sustainable Tourism (Minor)

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Sustainable Food Systems (B.S.)

This bachelor’s program studies the web of the food system, from the farm to supply chains, from the debate hall to the kitchen, and from the community to the Capitol. A Culinary track and a Baking & Pastry track are offered.

Sustainable Food Systems

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Global Tourism and Sustainable Economic Development (M.S.)

Further your education and make an impact on the world with this master’s degree, which will teach you how to strategize and develop viable programs for sustainable tourism and economic development projects.

Global Tourism and Sustainable Economic Development (M.S.)

“Education is our best tool to achieve social justice in a sustainable world.”

A Professor with Passion

Born and raised in Iceland, a country almost completely powered by renewable energy, Magnus Thorsson, Ph.D., '94 developed an interest in energy efficiency and sustainability at a very young age. He came to the U.S. specifically to attend JWU’s Hotel Management program, and went on to marry his love for hospitality with his passion for sustainability as an owner and operator of a ski lodge in Southern Vermont.

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Featured Faculty

Magnus Thorsson, Ph.D.

With over 20 years of experience in the hospitality industry and a lifetime passion for sustainability, Magnus Thorsson '94, Ph.D. has brought sustainable practices into his hospitality courses since joining JWU’s College of Hospitality Management in 2011. He has recently shifted to the College of Business to teach courses on sustainable business practices and aid in the development of new programs, including Cannabis Entrepreneurship.

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Branden Lewis

Branden Lewis '04, '06 MBA, Ed.D

An associate professor in JWU’s new College of Food Innovation and Technology, Branden Lewis is a specialist in international cuisines and sustainable food systems and believes sustainability topics should be incorporated into culinary education. He has led a team of faculty to develop the school’s Sustainable Food Systems bachelor of science degree and Culinary Sustainability minor.

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Associate Professor Doug Stuchel

Douglas Stuchel

Associate Professor Doug Stuchel has a passion for food and the food systems, ethical farming, culinary arts, food & beverage trends, sustainability & wellness, and food justice. He’s also passionate about how employees are paid and treated within the hospitality/food and beverage industry, including improving the social justice inequities, the pursuit of equal pay, and ending harassment and discrimination. He brings this passion into his courses in the College of Hospitality Management.

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Professor Kelly Patkus

Kelly Patkus '07

Kelly Patkus brings sustainability into the world of baking & pastry. In 2015, she was selected for the coveted Legacy Award from the Les Dames d’Escoffier where she spent a week working on a sustainable farm in Hawaii. In 2016, she earned her Master of Science in Sustainable Food Systems from Green Mountain College (Poultney, Vermont). She is currently a faculty advisor for the Charlotte Campus’ edible garden, the Coop; she also serves on the campus’ Sustainability Council.

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Meet just a few of the JWU professors who make sustainability a cornerstone of their teaching at the university.


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