Patricia Parkis

Instructor,  College of Culinary Arts

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Instructor Patricia Parkis
My passion for pastry began when Chef Robert Bennett of Le Bec Fin invited me to ‘come play around in our in kitchen.’“


Chef Parkis’ passion for pastry took flight when she met Robert Bennett, head pastry chef at the 5-star French restaurant Le Bec Fin in Philadelphia. Chef Bennett invited her to “come play around in our in kitchen.” She accepted the invitation and began working as an unpaid pastry apprentice.

When a paid position opened up at Le Bec Fin, she was hired as Head Pastry Cook. She worked at Le Bec Fin for another 8 years, achieving the position of assistant pastry chef.

Her next move was to head up the pastry department at Metropolitan Bakery in Philadelphia, a position that extended her dessert repertoire.

Chef Parkis subsequently worked for Whole Foods Market as a supervisor in the pastry department until repetitive stress injuries to both elbows became the impetus to pursue a career teaching pastry.

To acquire the necessary credentials, Chef Parkis enrolled at JWU’s Charlotte Campus, where she attained an associate’s degree in Baking & Pastry in 2006. She then transferred to JWU’s Denver Campus, where she graduated summa cum laude (GPA of 4.0) with a bachelor’s degree in Culinary Nutrition.

Upon graduation, Chef Parkis was invited to teach as an adjunct instructor and in the fall of 2013, she became a full-time faculty member.