Gershwin Laval Narraidoo

Instructor,  College of Culinary Arts

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By providing clearly-defined learning objectives and maintaining high expectations for all my students ... I hope to transform my students into dedicated, hard-working global citizens.“


After 17 years in hospitality industry, when he worked primarily with Leading Hotels of the World (located in Mauritius, Australia and Miami Beach), Gershwin Laval Narraidoo came to teach at JWU to give back to the next generation.

To improve his teaching craft, Laval Narraidoo earned a master’s degree in Business, coupled with specialized wine education from the Society of Wine Educators (SWE), Court of Master Sommeliers, Wine Scholar Guild, Ecole Du Vin De Bordeaux and the Wine Spirit & Education Trust (WSET). He is inspired to go further, and is currently enrolled with the Chartered Financial Analyst Institute of Florida.

Student learning is his inspiration. By providing a safe nurturing environment, clearly defining learning objectives, maintaining high expectations for all of his students, holding them accountable and celebrating their successes, Laval Narraidoo hopes to transform his students into dedicated, hard-working global citizens and, hopefully, leaders of the future.