Craig Skilling

Associate Professor,  College of Hospitality Management

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Professor Craig Skilling
I have a student-centered approach to teaching and believe, as educators, we meet students where they are and challenge them to become independent problem-solvers who are able to communicate and see the bigger picture.“

From an early age, growing up in New York with Caribbean roots to dancing in talent shows and playing sports, Craig Skilling has always been curious and passionate about the sports entertainment industry and people alike. The road to success is never a straight line and, for him, a path of working in professional sports, live events and entertainment would lead to more than 15 years of relevant industry experience.

Out of college (FSU) as a undergraduate student-athlete, Skilling obtained his start as an intern with the National Basketball Association (NBA). He then returned to South Florida and spent several years working in sales and event management with the The Heat Group (Miami Heat) while consulting with the NBA on more than 10 All-Star events. Skilling went on to complete his master’s degree in Sport & Business Administration at Saint Thomas University (STU) while building a strong network of sports, entertainment and event industry professionals.

As fate would have it, a good friend from graduate school at STU in Miami presented Skilling with an opportunity to assist college students majoring in sports, entertainment and event management with internship opportunities and career development, while teaching courses as an adjunct instructor. Skilling took the friend up on the offer and is currently the lead faculty and assistant professor under the Sports, Entertainment, Event — Management program at JWU’s North Miami Campus, where he teaches courses, mentors students, and works on curriculum/program design while consulting in industry, speaking at various conferences throughout, and completing his DBA degree.

Skilling is a proud family man and driven by the successes of all who are doing amazing things, but especially those who have sat in his classroom or attended a presentation/event.