Becoming a parent volunteer is a great way to support your student while sharing in his or her academic experience. Your involvement also benefits the greater JWU community.

Here are some of the ways that you can help support the JWU Parents Association:

  • Summer Orientation Program Parents and families participate in this new student orientation program by answering parent and family’ questions, sharing their experiences, offering advice during the question/answer sessions.
  • Opening Weekend Parents and families play a huge role in Opening Weekend, with events taking place on campus. Parents and families hand out maps and other helpful information, answer questions, and generally assist families new to JWU.
  • Wildcat Weekends Parents and families participate in the seven open houses held each year for prospective students and their families answering questions and sharing their experiences.
  • Family Weekend In addition to welcoming families and students to all Family Weekend events, parents and families also share information about and encourage parents and family members to get involved in the Parents' Association.
  • Contribute articles to Parent Connection, our newsletter.

If you’d like to become involved, email PAWS