Residential Life

North Miami Campus Residential Life is committed to making our residential community a safe, comfortable and fun environment — your home away from home. We’ve come a long way since Flamingo Hall first opened its doors to 90 students in 1993. Our office now oversees seven properties that house roughly 1000 students.

We want to help you do more than just settle in. Whether you’re looking for a traditional or suite-style living, a social whirlwind or a close-knit atmosphere, there’s sure to be a hall to meet your needs.

We also offer a whole range of social programs designed to involve you in the campus experience. To learn more, email us or call 305-892-7071.

If you have a disability and want to request any type of housing accommodation, you must submit adequate documentation to the Center for Academic Support.

Make sure you’re ready by familiarizing yourself with the process and timeline with our Room Selection Guide (272K PDF). Then complete the steps via the Housing tab in jwuLink.


Living on campus is a great opportunity for students to be a part of the campus community outside of the classroom. Each of our 7 residence hall properties is uniquely different, offering a range of living options including traditional halls, apartment-style suites and living-learning communities.

Whether you’re looking for a double or a suite, a social whirlwind or a close-knit atmosphere, there’s sure to be a hall to meet your needs. Halls are centrally located; all rooms are equipped with telephone and Internet access.

Residence Halls

Arch Creek Place 1605 NE 126th Street
Biscayne Commons 1750 NE 124th Street
Emerald Lake 13035 Emerald Drive
Flamingo Hall 1701 NE 127th Street
Lakeside Towers 1700 NE 133rd Street
Palm Gardens 1740 NE 125th Street
Tropical Pointe 1735 NE 125th Street

Prospective Students: Select Your Housing

Thank you for your interest in becoming a part of our residential community at JWU’s North Miami Campus. Living in a residence hall provides you many opportunities to interact with other students in both an educational and social setting. Please read through the instructions on the following pages carefully as they offer you important information for securing campus housing. If you have any questions, please feel free contact the Office of Residential Life at 866-598-3567 or 305-892-7585.


As a new student, you'll have an opportunity to sign up for housing for the following year once you've been accepted to the university and paid the housing deposit. Once the deposit has been paid, you'll be able to log on to the jwuLink to complete an application and select a room.

If you do this after the advertised room selection time, you'll only be able to complete the online application. Residential Life will then assign a room based on preference and space availability.

View housing rates; you can also contact Student Financial Services (SFS) at 305-892-7006.

Medical Disclosure and Special Housing Accommodations

If you require special accommodations in housing or need additional help in case of an emergency, contact the Academic Support at 305-892-7046 prior to completion of the housing application and room selection process. Contact Dr. Martha Sacks, director of Academic Support, if you have additional questions.

Note: Room reservations become permanently assigned only after clearance from SFS. If you do not establish an approved payment plan with SFS, you will not receive your housing assignment until you attend check-in during Opening Weekend. This can result in your not only losing your preferred room choice, but possibly being assigned to temporary accommodations. Make your financial plans early to optimize your chances of getting the room of your choice.

Guide to Understanding the Wildcat Room Selection Process

Please see the Room Selection Process Guide for information on navigating the Wildcat Housing Application.

Living-Learning Communities

Our Living-Learning communities provide students with an opportunity to interact with faculty, staff, and other students around a theme or academic discipline.

Culinary Community

This community is reserved for culinary freshman and housed on the 2nd floor of Flamingo Hall. Residents will work side by side with Culinary faculty in the pursuit of connecting what they learn in the classroom with real life industry experiences. This may include, but is not limited to, site visits, special guest speakers, as well as social activities. Students in this community have held floor pot luck dinners, a luncheon with the Dean, visited a fruit and spice park, and attended events featuring the world renowned chef, Anthony Bourdain and one featuring the Food Network’s own Alton Brown.

Hospitality Community

This community is reserved for returning hospitality students and is housed on the 2nd floor of Lakeside Tower. Residents will work side by side with Hospitality faculty in the pursuit of connecting what they learn in the classroom with real life industry experiences. This may include, but is not limited to, site visits, special guest speakers, as well as social activities. Students in this community have visited Disney, visited the Hard Rock Hotel for a tour, saw Mama Mia, toured both American Airlines and Panther stadiums, as well as a restaurant tour of the art deco district.

Wildcat Wellness Community

This community is housed on the 1st floor of Biscayne Commons and is reserved for freshman and returning students who participate in our campus athletic programs (soccer, cross-country, golf, basketball, etc). Working with faculty and staff, residents will take part in out-of-classroom activities such as attending sporting events, living a healthy lifestyle and participating in various outdoor and/ or educational activities. Some of their outings included going on a paddle board trip, and a trip to the spa.

Fashion Community

The Fashion community is housed in Tropical Pointe 2nd floor, and is reserved for freshman and returning student fashion majors only. Residents will work closely with faculty on connecting what they have learned in the classroom with the expansive fashion industry in the Miami area. Possible activities include site visits to local stores, including everything from thrift stores to higher end clothing shops. Other venues could include opportunities to see photo studios and possibly popular magazine offices. The group will also be encouraged to host on-campus events to display their creative works.

If you are interested in participating in one of our Living-Learning programs, contact Laurie Doherty at 305-892-7585

Off-Campus Housing

Living off campus is a maturing experience. As a student living in the community, you are a representative of Johnson & Wales University and, as such, your conduct reflects directly upon the university.

The following online resources are available to aid in your search for off-campus housing. This does not create a legal relationship between you and the university or any third party regarding off-campus housing. The university makes no endorsement of rental property or landlords.
Miami Herald Real Estate Classifieds Real Estate Classifieds

As a student living off campus, you must understand and appreciate that residents of a particular community have made a long-term commitment to their neighborhood; students are temporary members of the community and usually remain only for the duration of their academic tenure.

Living off campus does not circumvent your responsibility as a member of the JWU community to abide by the Student Code of Conduct and the Good Neighbor Policy, both which can be found in the North Miami Campus' Student Handbook.

Please take the time to familiarize yourself with the Good Neighbor Policy, a list of expectations set forth by the university in order that off-campus students maintain respectful relations with the community in which they have chosen to reside. Important areas of concern include, but are not limited to: noise, automobiles, property and alcohol consumption. Students who enter into a lease and whose signature appears on the lease are jointly and severely liable for the whole amount of the rent. The university will respond promptly to complaints from our neighbors and, if necessary, follow with appropriate disciplinary action.

All students living off campus should reside in housing that meets the requirements of housing codes for Dade, Broward or Palm Beach counties. When looking for a place to live please be sure to check that the appliances are in working condition, including the air conditioning unit, the plumbing is functioning properly, there are no unusual aromas in the apartment/ house, and that all windows and doors are equipped with sturdy locks. (Pay special attention to exterior door locks.) These basic steps will help ensure that you find adequate housing to suit your needs.

It is imperative that you review your rental contract thoroughly prior to signing it to ensure that you both understand and agree with every term.

Please take the responsibilities of living off campus seriously. If you have any questions or need further assistance, please contact Residential Life at 305-892-7055.

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