Patricia Brady

Professor,  College of Arts & Sciences

Contact Information
Patricia Brady, Ph.D.
In addition to teaching, I work with Pearson Education on the development of new classroom materials. I am a co-author of ‘Human Anatomy’ (now in its 9th edition).


Patricia Brady’s interest in human anatomical form was sparked in college when she learned that the human skeleton can reveal an individual’s age, sex, nutritional status, and even how many children a female had given birth to. The secrets that are hidden within the skeleton!

Brady pursued this interest, earning her Ph.D. from Brown University in biological and medical sciences. She has an extensive 30-year career as an anatomy educator at Brown, Rhode Island College, Community College of Rhode Island, and Johnson & Wales University.

In addition to teaching, Brady works with Pearson Education on the development of new classroom materials. She is a co-author of “Human Anatomy” (now in its 9th edition). Her experience in the classroom informs the development and revision of textbook, software (including Practice Anatomy Laboratory, or PAL), and online educational materials (including Mastering A&P). Brady knows the topics students struggle with and target content development to address these challenging areas.

As affiliated faculty in JWU’s Physician Assistant program, Brady teaches Applied Anatomy, a cadaver dissection course. Her JWU undergraduate anatomy students regularly visit the PA Gross Anatomy laboratory for hands-on experience with human cadaveric materials, bringing information from the textbook into real-life experience.

Areas of Expertise

  • Biology and Anthropology
  • Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
  • Morphology


  • Brown University, Presidential Award for Excellence in Graduate Teaching
  • RI Board of Governors for Higher Education, Incentive Fund for Excellence in Technology Grant
  • Community College of Rhode Island, Teaching Excellence Award


  • “Human Anatomy” (9th edition), Pearson Education, 2016. Authors: Patricia Brady, Elaine Marieb and Jon Mallatt.
  • “Human Anatomy Laboratory Manual,” Hayden-McNeil, 2014. Authors: Patricia Brady, Elaine Marieb and Jon Mallatt.
  • “Anatomy & Physiology Laboratory Manual, Exercises on Cat Dissection,” Pearson Education, 2016. Authors: Patricia Brady and Caroline Whiting. 

Sample Courses

  • BIO 2021: Functional Human Anatomy
  • BIO 2025: Functional Human Anatomy Lab
  • SCI 2031: Anatomy and Physiology
  • PAS 5100: Applied Anatomy