Tim Brown

Senior Instructor,  College of Food Innovation & Technology

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Tim Brown
When the proverbial light bulb goes off — when students grasp a concept or technique — what I hope they’ll get is an understanding of what happens and how it happens.”


South African native Tim Brown developed his curiosity for the culinary profession while serving in the military. His hard work and wholehearted attitude awarded him the opportunity to prepare the finest South African cuisine.

Upon completion of his two years in the army, Brown was accepted by the Hospitality & Industrial Training Board (HITB) to further his education in the culinary arts. He graduated as one of the top in his class and was personally praised for his dedication by Bill Gallagher, president and founder of the South African Chefs Association.

He was offered a position as junior chef de partie at Restaurant au Jardin in Cape Town, rated Top 10 best in South Africa. Working under French trained chef Christophe de Hosse, Brown’s initial exposure to the pastry department was purely accidental. However, the more time he spent in pastry, the bigger his passion grew for the complex and fascinating world of desserts and pastries.

On his return to New England, Brown now finds himself in a position that enables him to shape the pastry chefs of tomorrow.

Areas of Expertise

  • Chocolate
  • Classic French Pastry
  • Cookies and Petit Fours
  • Pies and Tarts

Sample Courses

  • BPA 1010: Fundamental Skills & Techniques
  • BPA 1015: Classic Pastry
  • BPA 1020: Pies and Tarts
  • BPA 1025: Cookies and Petits Fours
  • BPA 1035: Chocolates and Confections
  • BPA 1060: How Baking Works
  • BPA 4025: Advanced Chocolates & Confections