Brian Carey

Lecturer,  College of Business

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Professor Brian Carey
My goal is to minimize lectures and maximize time spent actively practicing the skills we discuss.


Brian Carey was born in Western Massachusetts. He got a paper route when he was 8 — and has worked ever since.

Carey financed his education with loans and scholarships just as many students do today. His early career consisted of a number of progressively responsible positions in sales and marketing. In 2001, he stepped out of corporate life into the life of an entrepreneur as a consultant, and an owner of a diabetic supply business.

In 2005, Carey invested along with two very talented partners to purchase a company called Medport in Providence, Rhode Island. There they developed and launched the Fit & Fresh brand of products that can now be found in thousands of major retail outlets across the United States, Canada, Australia, South America and Europe. In 2015, Carey sold his interests to a private equity firm and joined JWU shortly thereafter.

Carey tries to instill in his students the belief that a great work ethic and a bias toward action can overcome a lot of obstacles and solve a lot problems in business. This has been his experience and he has been fortunate to work with many great people that shared his work ethic. Success often requires some luck, but that luck seems to be bestowed upon those that work the hardest.

In Carey's classes, students work to apply skills. They are building a tool chest to go out into the workforce or onto their own ventures and be successful.

In Small Business Management, students develop management, sales, accounting and negotiating skills because small business managers must be generalists. In Strategic Management, students develop tools to analyze external and internal situations and develop appropriate strategies to respond effectively.

It is Carey's goal to minimize lectures and maximize time spent actively practicing the skills discussed.