Dan Driscoll

Associate Professor,  College of Arts & Sciences

Contact Information
Dan Driscoll
During my 26 years at JWU, I have been able to utilize my investigative skills and academic background to help develop and nurture our successful Criminal Justice program.”


After returning from the military in September 1968, Dan Driscoll embarked on 20 years as a police officer in Providence, Rhode Island. He specialized in violent crimes, investigating homicides and robberies.

During this time, Driscoll began college, earning a B.S. in Criminal Justice, then transferring to obtain a B.A. in Psychology before moving on to an M.S. in Criminal Justice and working on a doctorate in Sociology. During this time, the opportunity arose to obtain a full-time position in JWU’s College of Arts & Sciences.

During his 26 years at the university, Driscoll has been able to utilize his investigative skills and academic background to help develop and nurture JWU's successful Criminal Justice program. This is evidenced by the program's growth, crime lab and crime scene room — but, most importantly, by the graduates, who have found careers in criminal justice throughout the United States and abroad.

Sample Courses

  • CJS 2150: Criminal Justice Ethics
  • CJS 2050: Criminology
  • CJS 3820: Cyber Crimes
  • CJS 3850: Homeland Security
  • CJS 1090: Law Enforcement
  • CJS 3033: Community Policing
  • CJS 1070: Criminal Courts
  • CJS 2040: Corrections
  • CJS 2085: Juvenile Justice

Professional Memberships

  • American Criminal Justice Sciences (ACJS), 2010–present
  • New England Association of Criminal Justice Sciences (NEACJS), 2010–present