Laura Gabiger

Professor,  College of Arts & Sciences

Contact Information
Professor Laura Gabringer
What do I love most about professional and technical communications? The real projects that my students do out in the community. They have real clients and they do the real thing.”


Creating a university education for the 21st century, including experiential education in the Arts & Sciences.

Education, work background and research include:

  • English literature and history from the European Middle Ages to the present
  • World literature
  • Technical writing and technical editing
  • Grantwriting
  • College-level curriculum development in the United States and Russia
  • Technical and professional communication course development
  • Program development (developed JWU minor in Professional Communication)
  • Website development
  • Inquiry-driven, community-based experiential education
  • Course delivery both online and in classrooms
  • Collaborative learning: teaching teams to reach across disciplines and geography
  • Instruction in writing, speaking and multimedia presentation
  • English as a Second Language (ESL) and global education
  • Professional writing and editing in academic science, industry and the nonprofit sector
  • History of thought and learning
  • Germanic and romance philology
  • Palaeography, descriptive bibliography
  • Research in academic integrity, locally and globally
  • Languages: English, Russian, German, French
  • Professional reading proficiency in Latin, Anglo-Saxon, Middle English, Old French, Gothic, Old Norse

Sample Courses

  • ENG 1030: Communication Skills
  • ENG 1021: Advanced Composition and Communication
  • ENG 2010: Technical Writing
  • ENG 3010: Technical Editing