Ashley Hughes

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I joined the Johnson & Wales team in 2015 and now serve as assistant professor and academic coordinator. I enjoy teaching and find it tremendously rewarding.”


Ashley Hughes, M.S., PA-C, is a native Rhode Islander. She temporarily left the Ocean State to complete her undergraduate degrees at the University of New Haven. She graduated magna cum laude from UNH with a bachelor’s degree in Forensic Science, a bachelor’s degree in Biology (Pre-Medical) and an associate degree in Chemistry; she also became certified in Law Enforcement Science.

Hughes’ first jobs involved working in emergency medicine research and teaching undergraduate chemistry courses. During her time spent in clinical research, she gained thorough knowledge of research design and implementation and, through teamwork, was able to work with several Brown University physicians to publish research articles in peer-reviewed journals.

After several years of clinical research, Hughes continued on to Northeastern University, where she completed her Master of Physician Assistant Studies degree. She began her physician assistant career in emergency medicine in 2010 at Brigham & Women’s Hospital in Boston, Massachusetts, and continues to work there and at a local community emergency department.

Throughout her career, Hughes has expressed interest in academic and clinical education, research and quality development. She has collaborated with colleagues on various projects focused on healthcare delivery in the emergency department. She is currently working in partnership with clinical faculty at Brigham & Women’s to publish data from a recent research endeavor. Additionally, she was a contributing author of the book, “Emergency Medicine CAQ Review for Physician Assistants.”

Hughes joined the Johnson & Wales team in 2015 and now serves as the academic coordinator and assistant professor. She enjoys teaching and finds it tremendously rewarding. She hopes to remain in education during her PA career, in addition to further exploring her interests in international emergency medicine and pursuing her Ph.D. in Global Healthcare.

When not working, Hughes enjoys spending her free time with her husband and two daughters. They enjoy hiking, going to parks, yoga, laying on the beach on summer days and traveling the globe as often as possible.


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