William Jarvie

Associate Professor,  College of Hospitality Management

Contact Information
Every December I send out emails to former students to see how they’ve prospered since graduation. I have students that are corporate chefs, directors of operations, GMs of hotels — or even own their own hotel or restaurant.”


William Jarvie started his hospitality industry career in 1968. He has been a restaurateur, food and beverage manager, chef.

Jarvie is currently an Associate Professor at JWU’s College of Hospitality Management in Providence, Rhode Island, where he is responsible for Statler Dining Room operations, from preventative maintenance to ordering common food items so the lab will operate smoothly. Jarvie also serves as the faculty advisor to JWU Sailing Team.

He holds several industry certifications, including such as Food Service Management Professional (FMP), ServeSafe Instructor (Food Safety and Alcohol Service), ServSafe Food Allergens and Certified Hospitality Educator (CHE).


  • National Restaurant Association
    ServSafe Alcohol Certification
  • National Restaurant Association
    ServSafe Food Safety Certification
  • National Restaurant Association
    Food Service Management Professional (FMP) certification
  • National Restaurant Association
    ServSafe Allergens Certification
  • American Hotel & Lodging Educational Institute
    Certified Hospitality Educator (CHE)