Stacey Kite

Professor,  College of Arts & Sciences

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Professor Stacy Kite
Since 2007, the focus of my research has been in the area of cyberbullying and internet risk.


Stacey Kite has served as a professor of research in JWU’s Educational Leadership doctoral program since 2003. Earlier in her career, she served as the assistant dean of the College of Business, where she focused on satisfaction and loyalty research. Since joining the doctoral program, her research has focused on student satisfaction, service learning, assessment and cyberbullying/internet predators.

Since 2007, the focus of Kite’s research has been in the area of cyberbullying and Internet risk. More recently, Professor Kite has extended the scope of her research to include social media and self-concept. She was the lead author of the first two versions of the “Survey of Internet Risk and Behavior,” which were used to measure middle school and high school students’ knowledge of the risks of inappropriate behavior, including risks involving cyberbullying and internet predators.

More recently, she has broadened her focus to encompass college student and parent perceptions and knowledge of cyberbullying and internet risk.

Professional Memberships

  • National Council on Bullying & Child Victimization, 2010-present
  • American Association for Educational Research, 2009-present
  • National Academy for Educational Research, 2009-present
  • DECA, 1986-present
  • New England Research Association, 2006-present

Sample Courses

  • EDUC7006: Research I: Educational Research for Higher Education Leaders
  • EDUC8008: Research II: Research Methods for Higher Education Leaders