Evelina Lapierre

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[Math] is like learning a foreign language. Learn the rules and figure out these little puzzles — that’s all math problems are.”


Evelina Lapierre was an instructor from the fall of 1995 until spring of 1999, an assistant professor from fall of 1999 until spring of 2002, an associate professor from fall of 2002 until spring of 2014, and a full professor from fall of 2015 until now.


  • Advances in Difference Equations, 2017. “The stable equilibrium of a system of piecewise linear difference equations.” Authors: Evelina Lapierre, Wirot Tikjha and T. Sitthiwirattham.
  • Sarajevo Journal of Mathematics, 2012. “On the Global Behavior of x_(n+1)=α_1/(x_n+y_n ) and y_(n+1)=(α_2+β_2 x_n+γ_2 y_n)/y_n.” Authors: Evelina Lapierre, Edward Grove and Wirot Tikjha.